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Property Maintenance Services 


Preventative protection
Each day, your driveway is exposed to elements which slowly cause damage and decay. Asphalt can dissolve and break down when it comes into contact with chemicals such as gas and motor oil – which can leak from cars parked on your driveway.
Our Sealer restores and protects against these things and just about anything else that can be thrown at it – or on it.

Water protection
Moisture penetrating your driveway will weaken the foundation under the asphalt, causing dips and depressions. In the winter, water in the foundation will freeze and expand, which causes your asphalt to split and crack.
Our sealer stops water from seeping into the foundation of your driveway and prevents damage when it freezes and thaws.

Sun damage
Actinic light (light that’s able to cause photochemical reactions) can oxidize the oils in your driveway. Your driveway then becomes brittle and thins out. 
Our sealer is protected against oxidization and will retain its strength and appearance for years.


You can tell when a driveway has been sealed with an oil based product because that smooth, velvety charcoal look lasts much longer versus an unsealed or unprotected asphalt driveway. Our sealer has a professional looking matt black appearance, versus the big box store’s – water-based products – shiny semi-translucent look.

You save money by:

  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Extending the life of your asphalt
  • Avoiding a costly driveway replacement
  • Preventing vehicle damage caused by holes in your driveway

You make money by:

  • Increasing the value of your home
  • Boosting your home’s curb appeal
  • Using a sealer which lasts longer than anything else on the market