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Lawn Cutting And Garden Bed Maintenance
A Standard lawn care service generally starts in the Muskoka area from May through to mid-October. This can include weekly or bi-weekly lawn cutting as well as bed maintenance which is generally bi-weekly and refers to clearing all debris in rock garden beds using commercial blowers or in dirt / mulched beds cultivating the soil, and then finely raking while clearing all weeds and built up debris. We will lastly blow your walkway, stairs, patio furniture and driveway leaving a very neat appearance. 

Fertilizing / Weed Control Programs 
Lawns require more than just water and sunlight to stay healthy and green . Prestige Property Maintenance Services uses only the best, eco friendly fertilizers to supply all the vital nutrients your lawn requires throughout the year. It is recommended with our climate and growing season to apply at least three fertilizers a year, spring, summer and fall. 

Our weed control programs for your turf areas are used with a selective herbicide used to control broad leaf weed infestations without harming the lawn. This traditional method is very effective at eliminating minor weed infestations with targeted spot applications or major weed infestations with blanket coverage applications. All natural weed control programs are also available through us as well using natural lawn care practices. Please contact us for your free quote.

Spring Clean Up 
A spring clean-up is generally required so that we can stay on top of things during our regular maintenance visits (if requested). We will blow out your flower beds, decks and other areas of your lawn or yard that may have winter debris build up.
 All debris and clippings are hauled away!

Fall Clean Up
This service includes the raking up of all leaves and debris (can be done over a few times as often not all leaves fall at once), cutting down your perennials, and removing annuals from your garden. This prepares your lawn and garden areas for winter and helps eliminate work in the spring. All debris and clippings are hauled away!

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