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Property Maintenance Services 


​Commercial Parking lot maintenance services 

Your parking lot is the first impression potential customers get when visiting your business. A worn out, cracked or unsafe looking concrete or pavement surface isn’t good for your business or image.

Give your business a professional, inviting look with our parking lot maintenance or Asphalt sealing professionals at Prestige Property Maintenance Services. 

Big or small. Industrial or commercial lots. We can handle parking areas of all sizes and configurations, in just about any location throughout Muskoka.

Parking lot Sweeping services
Sweeping up abrasive debris will additionally reduce ongoing wear and tear on your paved surfaces that will gradually take a toll. Much like standing pools of water break asphalt down, the friction that is caused when vehicles are driven over abrasive materials will diminish the structural integrity and overall appeal of your parking area.

Keeping your parking lot clean will help you attract and retain more customers. It will also allow you to preserve the value, appeal and integrity of you property exterior while protecting the environment and preventing pest problems. If your parking lot isn’t in top condition, it’s time to hire a contractor to put this area in order. Contact us right now to get the help you need.