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With age, asphalt can lose its strength and integrity.

Although your asphalt driveway may have cracks

or is showing signs of wear, that does not mean it

needs to be torn out and replaced.

We at
Prestige Property Maintenance Services 

believe that walkway repair and driveway crack

repair via sealing and restoration is often a better

and more cost-effective option versus a complete

driveway replacement.

Your brand new asphalt driveway isn’t immune to developing cracks, holes and other issues. In order to keep it looking like new, it should be sealed 3 - 6 months after installation with our sealer.

Benefits of Our BalckMac Asphalt Sealer Mix

  • High quality industrial grade product
  • BlackMac is oil based and is a derivative composition of liquid asphalt, the same material used in mixing asphalt
  • Dries very quickly
  • Designed to penetrate and blend into the pavement immediately
  • Oil-based sealer won't steak, chip, layer crack or peel as most acrylic (water-based) sealers do
  • Very cost effective preventive maintenance tool to help extend the life of your driveway
  • It's smooth black finish greatly enhances the appearance of weather-worn asphalt

Sealing your asphalt driveway properly and professionally will prevent unsightly cracks and holes from occurring in the first place. Our sealing process delivers long-lasting protection, has a beautiful matte smooth appearance and protects your driveway from our harsh Ontario weather.

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