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Property Maintenance Services 


Lawn Care Services Overview:

Scheduled Lawn and Yard Maintenance: 

Let us schedule a lawn or yard routine for you,

usually the same day and time each week. All the

debris and clippings are bagged and are taken with

us. (Each week we cut the lawn in a different direction

which will help reduce soil compaction and turf wear

from the wheels).

Spring Clean Up:   A lot of times a spring or general clean up of your yard is required so that we can really stay on top of things during the regular maintenance visits (if requested) . We will blow out your flower beds , decks, and other areas of your yard that may have winter debris build up .

Lawn Aeration:  We go over your entire lawn with an aeration machine that pulls out core plugs of grass and soil. This process allows your lawn to better absorb and retain moisture while reducing the amount of times you will need to water. It also helps with compaction allowing for a greater and deeper root system. This is a great natural way to ensure strong growth while discouraging weeds and pests. 

Over Seeding:   A process of spreading lawn seed throughout your lawn to increase the thickness of the lawn. Pet spots must be scratched up by hand then a layer of topsoil is put down and lastly they are reseeded. ( To ensure the seed is able to germinate the customer must ensure the spots are well watered until the new grass is established).

Lawn Fertilization:   Lawns require more than just water to stay healthy and green. Prestige Property Maintenance Services uses only the best fertilizers to supply all the vital nutrients your lawn requires throughout the year. (It is recommended with our climate and growing season to apply three fertilizers a year; spring, summer, and fall).

Hedge Trimming:  You are safe to trim cedar hedges year round (weather pending) but its generally requested during the growing season or just as it starts to slow. All trimmings and debris are hauled away!

Fall Clean Up:   This service includes the raking up of all leaves and debris, cutting down your perennials, and removing annuals from your garden. All debris and clippings are hauled away.