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Cedar Hedge and Shrub Trimming and Shaping

To maintain the cedar hedge with a formal, neat

appearance, and with a complete cover of dense

foliage, it is essential that shaping and trimming is

started earlier on in the life of the hedge, and is then

carried out regularly.

Trimming Hedges
Cedar hedges and bushes are excellent privacy screens, as they have very dense foliage. Unfortunately this is also one of their draw backs. The dense outer leaves cut off light, so the inside is devoid of leaves. This limits the amount of trimming that can be done. Cedars can grow about 3 to 6 inches a year in width. Regular shaping and trimming is needed to control this growth, and to keep the width of the hedge the same, but taking off more than 8 inches will expose the inside of the hedge.  

Hedge Height Reduction 
Cedar hedges can quickly become very tall, often causing too much shade , growing into utility lines or giving a crowded feel to a garden. Cedars can survive heavy reductions in height, and although reducing them more than 30% is not recommended, it can be done, within limits. Regular maintenance is a better option.